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Our Purpose

Our founder, Sarah Martin, is an advocate for skin care and hair beauty.

Sarah created Skin Zen so that as many women and men have access to, and benefit from healthy, natural and effective cosmetics.

Whether it is by virtue of traditional Chinese medicine or is attributable to the expertise of French designers, the products that Skin Zen offers are approved by customers, both for their effectiveness and amazing proven results.

Skin, hair, eyelashes, what matters to our customers also matters to us.

Our Pillars

If one had to give the three pillars of the Skin Zen’s philosophy, they would undoubtedly be Quality, Nature, and Confidence.

These are the pillars that support our vision of a network of local retailers who provide, in addition to natural and quality cosmetic products, a whole range of advice and opinions to their customers.

Our Involvement

Skin Zen is involved in the development of businesses in Hauts-de-France, where it is located. Because working locally in a network, is the basis of a system that ensures quality, responsiveness, and humanity.

– The Curio and Hello Curio ranges are developed, tested, and produced between Oise and Aisne.

– The company INWIN, which develops our e-commerce solutions, is based in Lille.

– Simple2Ship, which manages our stocks and our shipments, is located in Oise.

Quality cosmetics not only should be accessible to all but should also integrate across sustainable dimensions where many large groups forget. Skin Zen makes it one of her priorities.

This is also where Skin Zen is keen to explore the dealer and distribution network, wherever their sites are in Asia or in France.

Our Commitment

To obtain the best for its customers, Skin Zen does not hesitate to cross borders in bringing cosmetics from anywhere in the world to France. The Cavilla network has an incredibly strong foundation and network outside of Europe.

There are no limits to expertise and innovation – let alone borders between us, our customers and our suppliers.

Join Us !

Join the  logo skin zen  family, by discovering our products for the skin and hair, or by joining our network of distributors or retailers.