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The values of Laboratoires Curio®

Natural fountain of youth

Laboratoires Curio® are above all a perfect alchemy between technological innovation and ancestral plants and between dermatology and ancient recipes. Over 30 years of experience in cosmetic formulation incites us to humility because we are aware that the best solutions reside in nature and history.
The practices, rituals and ingredients of our grandmothers are steeped in wisdom. Laboratoires Curio® have sought to enhance them through state-of-the-art innovation.
Laboratoires Curio® propose cutting-edge formulations, subtly leveraged by centuries-old know-how, that respect both your skin and the environment.

Our health and beauty asset: flowering biodynamics®

Laboratoires Curio® have chosen to develop common sense formulations with ancestral ingredients whose quality, composition and action are optimized by Flowering biodynamics®.
Flowering biodynamics® is an ancestral natural technique that harnesses microorganisms to bring out the best of plants and increase their concentration in active ingredients. Integrated into our cosmetics, the ferments obtained enhance the benefits of the plants.
By returning to the natural sources of the fountain of youth, we offer a gift to our wellbeing and to the environment since our ferments are obtained with premium quality raw materials that require minimal amounts of water and solvents.

The best of inner beauty

We are convinced that a woman’s beauty is a subtle alchemy between happiness, skincare and a healthy lifestyle.
Our goal is to unveil each woman’s inner radiance without ever disrupting her skin’s physiological functions. We innovate by proposing skincare but also essential techniques that were formerly used daily such as Ancestral SelfMassage.
We are committed to protecting the proper balance of each woman’s cutaneous microbiota, whose diversity plays a major role in controlling the balance that characterizes “healthy” but also radiant skin. When the skin is thus protected, the active ingredients are more powerful.
Laboratoires Curio® products meet only the genuine needs of our cells and bodies. Our cleansing, moisturizing and protective solutions satisfy the fundamental needs of the epidermis.
Laboratoires Curio® meticulously develop elixirs that immediately restore a bloom to the skin and sensory rituals that trigger inner wellbeing.

The convictions of Laboratoires Curio®

1. Ancestral beauty® :

 We rehabilitate ancestral ingredients and techniques: Ancestral self-massage®, cleansing ritual and hand beauty in keeping with facial beauty…

2. Flowering biodynamics® :

We innovate thanks to flowering biodynamics® which enables us to optimize the quantities and actions of key ingredients.

3. Common sense :

We never disrupt physiological functions. Rather than attempting to reverse time, we endeavor to help women age well. We reveal the radiance and bloom within each woman.


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